Jacquard Piñata .5 Oz #035 - Brass

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Piñata Colors are highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks for any hard surface, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, polymer clay, YUPO® and more. Indelible and impervious to water, Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based inks. As a dye-based, highly transparent ink*, Piñata Colors are unparalleled for vibrancy. Only the most lightfast dyes have been selected for the palette. Acid-free with excellent adhesive properties, Piñata Colors are the go-to inks for all non-porous surfaces. Opal is a color-shifting iridescent color that displays virtually every color of the rainbow depending on the angle. It is pearlescent and highly reflective.


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