FineTec Pearlescent Watercolours Rainbow Set - 12 pc

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FINETEC transparent and opaque watercolors are highly pigmented and are characterised by quick and smooth dissolving. Their high lightfastness is owed to the use of finest pigments. These colours allow creative watercolour painting techniques like wet-in-wet painting on a moistened watercolour paper and many more.
The pearlescent colours are water-soluble artist colours of a very high quality. These colours are manufactured  with carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality and a very large amount of manual work to guarantee highest quality standards.
The newly developed formulation of this paint is based on a special purified all-natural gum arabic and on modern pearlescent and iridescent pigments.

highly pigmented
high lightfastness
excellent resistance

Robust metal box:
Mixing fields in the lid
exchangeable colour pans

Set contains the following colour tones:
Pearl Silver
Pearl Gold
Crystal Gold
Orange Copper
Sapphire Blue
Caribbean Green
Blue Silver
Deep Black
Mystic Colour



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