Simply Sticky Micro Dots 10 Sheets/Pack

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Simply Sticky Micro Dots

10 Sheets Sticky Micro Dots

8 x 11 inches in size.

Perfect for Intricate Die Cuts


 #412 Layering Dies, white paper & markers give you beautiful results! All the WOW without the work!

#350 Must See TV! A Tale Of Two Dies That Were Destined To Be Foiled Using Simply Defined MircoDots.

YT#332! Learn About Simply Sticky Micro Dots, New Simply Defined Dies & What The Heck Are Pixie Powders

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    Great product

    Posted by Monica Linerode on 3rd Sep 2020

    I just had to add another review on this micro dots sheet after using it for five months now. It’s still my go to adhesive to adhere die cuts together especially fine detailed ones which includes sentiments. There’s one thing that I noticed & that it’s tricky to use on mirror cardstock because some dots from the sheet adhered to the front of the mirror cardstock. It rubbed off but then the mirror cardstock wasn’t very shiny where the dot was. It’s super great to adhere vellum paper because it doesn’t show. Very nice indeed.

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    Amazing. Love these sheets...

    Posted by Yvonne Morentin on 6th May 2020

    This is amazing stuff, no more gloobers... Just so easy to use, and goes a very long way. I have used them on huge items, die cut sentiments, detailed die cuts an even shaker cards to stick over acetate shaker fronts... love this... def must have craft supply.

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    WOW! Great adhesive

    Posted by Monica Linerode on 7th Apr 2020

    This adhesive sheet has really changed for the better the time to adhere several die cuts together. Takes so little time to layer die cuts together now with the micro dots. Very impressive. My fingers don’t have to deal with sticky glue and there’s plenty of time to move the die cut around until it’s pressed down firmly to make it more stable.

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