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So you love to use the Sizzix Effectz™ Range. Your craft toolbox is full of items like Crystal Glaze, Acrylic Paints, or Luster Waxes, but how do you apply them all? Introducing the Sizzix Effectz Craft Tool Set! This set has a Dual-Ended Handle that allows you to use two attachments at a time, perfect for those Mixed Media projects! Use the Short Palette Knife to grab your pasters and waxes and the Long Palette Knife allows you to easily use the thicker Sizzix Effectz Pastes and Waxes and perfect for creating splatter effects. The Brayer Roller gives an even application of the Sizzix Acrylic Paints and is removable for easy cleaning. Only need to use one attachment? Add the end cap to the empty side when not in use! This set will truly help you take your crafting to the next level!