Stampendous Embossing Powder 14 Jars Kit - Pearlustre Embossing Powder Kit

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14 jars of basic embossing powders to get you started. Use over slow-drying ink and heat to set. Made in the USA. Total Weight 2.87 oz/ 81.5 grams.


FREG049 Rose Gold
    EP219 Amethyst
    EP223 Moon Stone
    EP222 Carnelian
    EP221 Peridot
    EP232 Jade
    EP215 Hematite
    EP216 Garnet
    EP152 Topaz
    EP214 Emerald
    EP226 Champagne
    EP228 Tanzanite
    EP218 Saphire
    EP150 White Pearl


#391​ Layering stencils made simple with inks, embossing powder, metallic pigments & blending brushes


#331 Using 3D Embossing Folders, Unicorn Ink, Pearlescent Embossing Powders & Everyday Cardstock






#348 Use One Color Of Embossing Powder To Make Stunning Gradations Of Color With Help From Stampendous


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