Spellbinders Etched Dies - Essential Floral Reflection

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The Essential Floral Reflection Etched Dies are part of the Floral Reflection Collection with a set of seven thin metal cutting dies. These nesting dies are a great addition! Use them as shaped cards of all sizes with this soft silhouette of curves and pointed ends. It works well with S4-1258 Floral Reflection Etched Dies and GLP-365 Glimmer Essential Solid Floral Reflection Glimmer Hot Foil Plate. What a great way to layer and create interest with these combinations! Approximate Size: Layer 1: 3.79 x 5.18 in./9.60 x 13.20 cm Layer 2: 3.29 x 4.49 in./8.40 x 11.40 cm Layer 3: 1.78 x 3.80 in./7.10 x 9.70 cm Layer 4: 2.29 x 3.12 in./5.80 x 7.90 cm Layer 5: 1.80 x 2.46 in./4.60 x 6.20 cm Layer 6: 1.32 x 1.80 in./3.30 x 4.60 cm Layer 7: 0.86 x 1.17 in./2.20 x 3.00 cm

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