Simply Refined Sponge Dauber Storage Box with 40 Sponge Daubers

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    Great Price

    Posted by Rosy Newlun on 2nd Oct 2018

    I bought these recently and did not take the cellophane off until I knew I was going to use them. I also bought the extra sack of loose finger daubers for backup. They color really well, the sponges have not fallen apart. My only thought is that the sponges have turned yellow and orange - not every one of them but most all of them, in both the sealed clear container for them and the cellophane bag of extras. The box is still sealed up tightly. The small bag I have only used 3 and keep the rest sealed up. Before Stacey offered these, I had to buy from other online sources, pretty much big name companies because we live far far far away. Those have not turned any colors and have had them for years, using them until they eventually crumble (maybe 4-5 years worth of use). As far as these newer ones from SMS, no problem using them anyway and the off color does not seem to affect the use or application of inks to projects in any way. There is no odor and nothing else wrong with them that I am aware of. For the price and the quality of using these, it's sure worth it if you can live with yours possibly turning into little yellow orange sponges :)

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