YouTube#288:2019 Do's & Don'ts of Sizzix Big Shot

#288 The NEW 2019 Do's & Don'ts of Sizzix Big Shot Machines

& Tools Technique Class








This week's class is the 2019 Do's and Don'ts of the Sizzix Big Shot Machine. And yes, it is longgggggg. Really, really longggggg. Almost 2 hours longgggggg. This is meant to be a comprehensive class on Sizzix Big Shot Machines, dies and tools! So, when you read this and before you send me an email saying that perhaps I talk a wee bit too much, I ask you to ponder this... If you took a crafting class at a shop, how long would you expect it to be and how much would you pay for this class? I would think that most of you would say that the class should be at least an hour and up to three, depending on what you are doing. And I bet most of you pay anywhere from $25.00 on up for a class. So, when you see that my new class on the Big Shot is almost 2 hours long please remember that it is FREE. I did this class to teach you and that cannot be done as a "demo". I hope that what I teach you will be useful and answer your questions and give you the courage to try. This is my heart in a class so please be kind when posting comments.




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