YouTube#274:New Couture Creations Cut & Foil

 #274 Use Cut 'n Foil Plates to Ink, Emboss, Glitter, Die Cut & More by Scrapbooking Made Simple


Hello Everyone! Today's class is all about what MORE you can do with a product beside what you are supposed to do with it! I am playing with Couture Creations Cut 'n Foil Plates but....wait for it...I am not even going to play with a Go, Press and Foil Machine. Nope, I don't even show it on camera!!!

What I have for you today is a way for ALL of you out there that have a die cutting machine, you can you these amazing plates without ever having to foil! Holy smokes artichokes, these plates give you options, options and MORE options! Ink, Emboss, Mask, Glitter....and can even foil with them too! Time to get started and be prepared to have lots of ohhhhhh's and ahhhhhhhh's coming your way!

Also, just an FYI...I accidentally shut the power off during the was a moment of OH MY...but then I figured out what happened, fixed it and it was wahooooo kachoooo!!!!

Smiles, Stacey