YouTube#264: No Heat Foiling Technique

#264 No Heat Foiling with

Stampendous, Couture Creations & Prima Kits

by Scrapbooking Made Simple



Saturday with Stacey You Tube #264 turned into Sunday with Stacey and is NOW Monday with Stacey! So, let's all give around of applause for Monday because it finally loaded!!!

I have to be honest.... Loading this You Tube has caused me more gray hairs than my hubby my children and my business put together. I started to load it on Thursday and here we are in the afternoon on Monday. If this does not load...I am going to buy all of my employee's their own tub of ice cream so I don't feel bad when I eat and entire quart by myself. OK...I am buying the ice cream even if it does load...cause to celebrate...

Forever with a smile on my face... Stacey!