YouTube#263:Best Of Simply Refined

#263 The Do's & Don'ts of Coloring Foam Art Flowers & Paper Leather by Scrapbooking Made Simple



Hello, Hello Everyone. This is a TAKE NOTES kinda of class today. We are playing with different crafting surfaces that you may not be too familiar with. From Paper Leather to Foam Art, there are lots of stunning and unique ways to use these products but adding color to them, well, that can be a bit tricky. What kind of inks will work? What will make a mess? What inks will dry quickly? What inks will never dry? How do I make those really pretty and life like flowers?

So, today we explore these unique crafting surfaces that can be die cut and colored and how to get the very best results when using them! Or, even more importantly, what NOT to do when using them! Do you have your paper and pencil? Great! Let's get started in the information packed Saturday with Stacey You Tube Class!

Smiles, Stacey