YouTube#260:InkyAntics Scratch-Off Surprise

#260 Interactive Scratch Off Stamps & Coloring with Gamsol by Scrapbooking Made Simple

IT FINALLY LOADED!!! Oh happy day... After having this week's Saturday With Stacey You Tube crash not once....but twice (the second time it was over half uploaded) it is wahoooooo kachoooo ready for all of you! This week's class is fun, interactive and most important....READY FOR YOU TO WATCH!!!


 You Tube #260 featuring Inky Antics and their wonderful Scratch Off Stamps! So cute and fun... These stamps make your cards interactive in a snap!

We also are playing with Colored Pencils and Gamsol! If you have never ween what Gamsol can do for your are going to LOVE this...

Smiles, Stacey