YouTube#256:Simply Refined July 2018 Release

Saturday with Stacey You Tube #256



Good Morning Everyone! It is time for Saturday with Stacey You Tube #256! We are working with the newest collection of Simply Refined Dies and stamps! Wait until YOU see what you can do with only 3 die cuts and 5 pieces of Stacey Tape!!! You will be ":Interactive" in no time flat!

I have added to two of our most popular sets...The Hidden Treasures Collection and our 2018 Flipside Collection! You are going to be able to use these NEW holiday themed dies and stamps right along with the sets that you already own. I normally would say that you have options, but honestly, that is an understatement being that ALL of the dies in each collection are interchangeable with the dies that we previously released. The opportunities to mix and match to create your own NEW die cut is almost limitless!

So, as they say, let's get the show on the road!!!!