YouTube#255:New Cut & Foil, Foil Plates

#255 Learn to  Die Cut, Ink, Foil or do ALL 3 with  NEW Cut 'n Foil Dies


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They use the term "Hat Trick" in hockey when someone scores 3 goals in a single game. I think that we can definitely use the word "Hat Trick" when we talk about the NEW Collection of Couture Creations Cut 'n Foil Dies called Lavish Ballroom! You Can Cut the Dies, You Can Ink The Dies. You can Cut and ink the dies, you can cut and foil the dies, you can cut and ink and foil the dies.... I think you are getting the hint! The options are abound with the dies? Or are the foil plates? Or are they letterpress plates? Ha...they are ALL of them!

So, even if you do not have a Go, Press and Foil Machine, this You Tube is for you because what you CAN do with your standard Die Cutting Machine is ahhhhhhh-mazing! I am also over the moon about the prices. They are seriously wahooooo kachoooo and budget friendly!

I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to "Aussie Andrew" for letting SMS be the very first to introduce you to Lavish Ballroom!!! The support we receive form manufacturers is so very much appreciated! We are thrilled and blessed to be so fortunate.

Smiles,  Stacey