YouTube#250:Simply Defined May 2018 Release

#250 Coloring & Die Cutting with Parchment Vellum & Simply Defined Dies

by Scrapbooking Made Simple




Hello everyone. I wanted you to know that two things happened after I taped this class. The first, most important and unfortunately, the sadness news is that my good friend and cherished SMS Girl, Yvette has passed away yesterday. For more information, look for the video with the heart made of purple bows.
The second thing that happened is that, as mentioned in this video, I did receive bid #7 from our insurance company. Sadly, my family and I still cannot begin to rebuild our home as they have yet to give us enough money, even though we have ample insurance to cover the loss of the home.
All I can say is that yesterday was a bad day for me and the SMS Family. I am hoping that this class will add some much needed smiles today and that we are able to find some laughter through the tears.
Be well and thank you so much for loving Yvette as much as we do. I value each and everyone of you and are thankful to have you as my friend.