YouTube#196:Find-It Dots and Do

#196 Learn about Exclusive, Stunning & Easy To Do "Dot & Do" Card Kits

by Scrapbooking Made Simple





Hi All.... Oh this was so much fun doing this You Tube. I just hope that I am able to do justice to this wonderful New and Exclusive product brought to us from a company I found in Germany...Find It Trading.

While the name "Dot and Do" seems a bit underwhelming...there is NOTHING about this product that you wont love...It can be done by every level of crafter and gives you the opportunity to really add your own touch and flair should you want to.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU for all of the wonderful support that you continue to show SMS. Their are 18 of us that work both the retail store and the online store...The friendships we have made with all of you are priceless and I am ever so proud to be an independent, mom and pop craft store!