YouTube#191:SimplyDefined FEB2017 Release




#191 The NEW Release of Simply Defined Dies & the "Kaleidoscope" Story by Scrapbooking Made Simple 


The You Tube is 1:51 minutes long...I know....I can almost hear you say,"seriously?" Yes. But the actual class about the product ends at around 1:36 minutes. You know me..I just HAD to show you all the samples the SMS Girls did.


So at about the 1:36 minute mark, I tell you the story how how the Kaleidoscopes came to be. This is a story that I have shared with very few people and even Mr. SMS only heard the full story three days ago. It is not an easy story to share and it is possible that it might hit too close to home for some of you.


So, I am telling you upfront, please do not feel that you have to listen to it. It was hard to do and it might be even harder to watch. But, if it helps just one person...even hear this story, then it was worth me sharing it. This is why I left it until the very end of the You Tube. For those of you who look to these You Tubes not only for what I am teaching but to lift your spirits up, the last 15 minutes might be something you pass on.

The story is about a life event that happened to me when I was 17 years old and how my mom helped me through..I should say, still helps me though. So, I am asking you you advance. If you don't think I should have shared this story, please, do not post that comment. I don't know if I made the right decision by sharing but do know that if nobody ever talks about this...someone else will have a similar story to share and I would never wish that on anyone.

Thank you for your understanding and grace,