YouTube#188:New Kaisercraft Colored Pencils




Hello, Hello! We have an "oooopsie" You Tube for you today and when you watch, I will enplane. But the jest is because of this ooooopsie...many of you will be receiving FREE GIFTS! Now that is a serious waaaaaaahooo kachooooo!

We also have for you, for the very first time in the United States, new products from KaiserCraft! Best of all, is that SMS will be the ONLY STORE in the United States to carry this product....possible EVER! all know how the word "EXCLUSIVE" makes my heart sing! I am in love, love, love with the new KaiserCraft product that I HAD to have it! I hope that you agree!!!

OK everyone...get your coffee, tea and your favorite snack and let's get this

Saturday with Stacey You Tube Show going!