YouTube#179: November Release: Wind in the Wood





It took a full 24 hours but finally, You Tube #179 loaded! I have since fixed the problem with the camera, but time will tell if we become friends!

Below is what I wrote and is what the new Simply Defined Contour Script Dies says. Yes, this die is not just random words but a feeling, a memory, a moment in my life that can never be repeated or replaced. I really do believe that crafting is very personal. What you make for others is personal. You take care and love to create something that will have meaning to the person you are giving it to. It doesn't get anymore personal than that. So, my products...they are personal to me. It is the only way I know how to design.


For James Robert Park....

"The drive was long and the narrow road wound through the mountains. The trees seem to reach the heavens and the air was so fresh that I could have stayed in those mountains forever. We walked down a trail of tall trees and the breeze kept us company while we got to know each other. I carry his memory with me as he is now part of the wind and when the cool air brushes against my face, I am reminded of him."

Hugs, Stacey