Marabu Alcohol Ink 0.68 oz - Metallic Copper

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You Tube Class #307 Creating With New Marabu Alcohol Inks That Glimmer With A NEW "Special Sauce" That Is Amazing!


Marabu Alcohol Inks: Create stunning works of art on a variety of surfaces with vibrant and versatile alcohol inks! Use the wide range of colors on their own or blend the dye-based inks together for infinitely creative possibilities. Our uniquely magical Rainbow color additive gives any color a mesmerizing shimmer effect. The Extender increases the inksÂ’ open time, lightens and lifts colors, and increases transparency. Fast-drying, permanent, acid-free, blendable. Bottles feature a narrow precision tip. Use on polypropylene and glossy papers, ceramic, glass, metal, shrink plastic, vinyl, leather and more. Includes 22 transparent colors, 4 metallics, Rainbow color additive and Extender in 20 ml (.68 oz) bottles.

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