JEJE Jewelly Stickers Lace Snowflakes - White With Bonus Peel-Off Sheet

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A sparkling and simple technique with surprising effects using sparkling sticker gems. Jewelly is a sparkling and simple technique, in which glittering sticker 'pearls and gemstones' are inlaid in specially developed Jewelly contour stickers. General procedure: Stick the contour sticker on paper or another smooth surface. Take the small motifs from the colors pearls & gems stickers and stick them exactly in the openings of the contour sticker as shown on the packaging. A Jewelly Pearls & Gems Sticker Set contains 1 sheet of white or black stickers of 10 x 23 cm 4 x 9 inch and 3 or 4 strips with small dots or hearts design stickers.

#453 Did you know you could color Black Peel Off Stickers with Jane Davenport Markers? Who Knew!

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